Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Hand crafted, hand bottled and hand labeled for perfection.

Spirits of Gettysburg Distillery is the first licensed distillery in Gettysburg and Adams County since prohibition!

We share the historic site (Monfort Farm, one of the largest Confederate field hospitals after the battle) with Battlefield Brew Works. The distillery was created to build on the success of the Brew Works: a distillery uses fermented products and separates alcohol from water based on the difference in their boiling points.

We had a first class brewery producing fermented beverages and we have now expanded to a first class distillery.


2015 Silver Medal Winner - Taste


Our Spirits

Vodka from Spirits of Gettsburg Distillery


Discount Unicorn White Whiskey from Spirit of Gettysburg Distillery


Burnt Bum Rum from Spirits of Gettysburg Distillery


Spirits of Gettysburg Distillery in Gettysburg, PA
  • Where We’re Located

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    248 Hunterstown Road
    Gettysburg, PA 17325

  • Our Hours

    Sun 2-8pm
    Mon, Tues, Wed - CLOSED
    Thur 4-9pm
    Fri 2-10pm
    Sat 12 noon-11pm

  • What's Happening

    Our Rye Whiskey is here!!

    OUR RYE WHISKEY HAS BEEN RELEASED The official release of our new barrel-aged Rye Whiskey, Rye Smile is here!  Come in and enjoy a sample or try a Whiskey Sour.  We have our Rye Whiskey bottled and ready to take home with you.... read more

    The Looming Future

    Here at The Spirits of Gettysburg Distillery we have a few exciting projects in the works for 2017!  We will be releasing a Agave Spirits, that will be called “Conjugal Sunset”   Distribution Where can you get our spirits?  I’m glad you asked…. We can self-distribute in Pennsylvania because we are a limited distillery.  You […]... read more

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